Movie quote haunts me
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A quote from a movie is haunting me - help

Long shot I know, but anyone know where this line comes from

"Tell them we are coming"

The best context I can give is that I associate it with one person speaking to another about an army coming to the rescue and I hear it in my head said in slightly accented English.

I wondered Lord of the Rings, but not sure.
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Could it be Lawrence of Arabia? That line is in there; here's a transcript.
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Children of Earth, Torchwood?
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There's a vaguely similar LotR quote, which you may conceivably be misremembering - Gandalf in the mines of Moria, reading from the journal that the dwarves kept. The last line in the journal, tailing off into a scrawl, is simply "They are coming."

Obviously that's the reverse of the situation you describe (it's one army coming to finish off another, not rescue it), but it ticks all the other boxes.
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Tom Jackman says it in the BBC miniseries Jekyll, heavily accenting the WE. He's not talking about an army though.
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Variations are in Tombstone and The Limey (NSFW language) but there's no army.

There's some more here.
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Terence Stamp does a good 'Tell him I'm coming' in this totally awesome scene from The Limey.
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Response by poster: None of those provoke an Oh Yes. I began to wonder about A Bridge Too Far though - must go check it.
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Response by poster: It IS A Bridge Too Far, when the Polish General tells the paratrooper who has swum the river that reinforcements are coming.
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