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My mom would like to see Charles Aznavour in concert, and I'm having trouble tracking down tickets and events. I found only one,, are there other?

I thought that tracking down his schedule would be simple, but the official website hasn't been updated for a while, and vanilla googling gives me a bunch of shady looking ticket resellers.

Are there a couple of go-to places for tracking down upcoming artist performances that one ought to start with? I've heard of Ticketmaster in USA, but what about the rest of the world?
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Best answer: so it looks like EMI Canada is his current record company, but their artist page has no tour dates for him. The Cap Roig festival was the only thing I found as well. Perhaps you could contact EMI Canada directly and see if a human can help you?

Also, you might could contact his agent directly if you sign up for IMDBPro.

Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with ticket sellers outside usa/canada (like ticketmaster & stubhub) so can't help in that regard. I checked ebay as well, since it's global and a good place to find tickets, but there weren't any just now.

hope you find something - I didn't even know he was an actual musician. I thought he was just an actor, and I just saw Shoot the Piano Player the other day. nice to know he's still working.
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Response by poster: My mother would be aghast at the lack of fawning hereā€¦ Anyway, thanks for the EMI hint, I'll check with them.

He has a catalogue of over 1000 songs to his name if Wikipedia is to be believed, so there's plenty to savour from that bucket.
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Best answer: My go-to site is Pollstar...which is showing only a couple of upcoming dates in Spain right now. But that's where I usually go to track down this kind of info.
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your mother would be right. I am a barbarian and damned sorry about it. but yay for me, I learned something awesome today!
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Best answer: for the UK. Sign up and they email you before tickets go on sale.
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He's Armenian and Armenians are obsessed with him - if it makes you feel better.
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