Hey Mr. DJ, maybe we can have a deal.
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Can anyone recommend a DJ in the Boston area for my september wedding? Perhaps a DJ is you. That's fine, too.

Frankly, I don't care if it's someone with a laptop and a good sound system provided that:

-They have tons of music that lame white people typically request at weddings.

-They are willing to say "oh, yeah, I'm a super DJ" if my girlfriend asks.

-They work cheaper than the rapists I've gotten quotes from.

-They will be sure to follow our instructions for songs we want played as well as honor the song blacklist that I will provide.
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We used this guy seven years ago and he was great. He's on the Cape though, so I don't know if he'll travel to Boston. You could call him.

He was very respectful of our "No chicken dance!" requests and other blacklisted songs. He even used some CDs we provided with special songs we wanted.

He didn't talk unless we asked him to. None of that "Ok, let's rock this house down with some Bob Seger!" crap that most DJs do. He was the ideal DJ because he didn't act like 99.9999% of other DJs. He just shut up and played the music we wanted.

Easy to work with and good personal hygiene.

I don't know how his prices compare to the others.

Unfortunatly, his web site blows goats. Don't let it turn you off.
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My uncle's a great DJ - he does weddings and other large functions all the time. email me if you'd like his number.
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They might be one of the "rapists" you've spoken to (I don't really remember the cost, though I don't recall it being particularly outrageous) but we had a great experience with DJ USA in Copley Square.

Pretty extensive music collection, played exactly the music we wanted, and, when we said we wanted someone really low key, sent a guy you'd have been hard pressed to guess was alive unless you heard him introduce us at our entrance (he was perfect, in other words).
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Tell your SO to go on theknot.com, create an account, navigate to the Boston board and ask the brides there. Or pretend you're her and do it. Whatever. You will have more recs than you'll know what to do with. It's how I found everything for my wedding -- after May you'll know if they all sucked or not.
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Have you checked out the local resources listed on theknot.com? I think there are over 50 reception artists (not all of them DJs, though) listed on this link for Boston, but I'm not sure if they're pricey or not. Good luck, Mayor Curley!

On preview: what suchatreat said. I'm not positive the link I gave will work for you, if you don't set up the free account. (I just got engaged last weekend to the love of my life (go go go to your Metafilter meetups, ladies!!!) and already have used theknot for lots of etiquette info-gathering!)
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Caution...the page onlyconnect sent you to is a list of paying advertisers on that site, not necessarily recommended vendors.
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Oh, that's good to know - I didn't realize that. Maybe check out the Boston boards first and then see if they're listed on the link I gave to get price and website info. I think a few of the vendors also offer coupons or rebates via that link.
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Altho' only slightly related to the question in hand, some advice to the DJs out there. Unless you are a professional wedding DJ, do NOT DJ a friend's wedding. Ignore this advice at your peril.
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Congratulations Mayor on your upcoming wedding. Best wishes to you and your bride.
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A friend of mine who used to be a DJ at various radio stations around New Beige and Taunton has his own DJ company now. He's really good. Not sure on prices though.
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onlyconnect: Let me know if you need a local DJ when the time comes (if you go that route). Your sweetie probably knows the guy I have in mind as he is the husband of someone I think he knows. We used him for our wedding bash party, and he also did two wedding gigs (on my recommendation) for a couple of friends of ours, both of whom were very happy with the results.
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Thanks, terrapin! That's very neighborly of you! :)
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