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They killed Google Wave! I need a replacement!

We are a group of 10 ticket brokers (scalpers, yeah whatever you want to call people like us). We are actually collaborating competitors. We've had a daily "wave" since November 2009 and love it.

We discuss what we think will be good shows to buy that day, what other shows are selling well, and discuss general business practices.

Features we really like are that it's not a standard forum, we can see other people typing live and don't have to wait for them to submit on a thread, also easy to edit past threads and easy to search.

It doesn't clutter up your email, since it's totally separate, and we like it that way. We've finally got it working on iphones for when we are traveling, and it's easy to paste in attachments of youtube clips, pdf's or jpgs. We can edit other people's entries and jump to place our comments early or late in the thread, so that it makes sense in the context. There is no administrator or moderator, no one "owns" it.... in general we love it and are saddened by the loss.

OK, what can we replace it with?

things I am going to look into shortly:

microsoft groove (is that still around?)
novell pulse (will we need our own server for this?)
salesforce chatter

we'd prefer if it was free like wave and would not require one of us to put up a server somewhere.

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Skype. Open a group IM chat and leave it open forever.

The only thing it can't do is let you edit other people's entries, but that doesn't seem critical to me.
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I don't think chats will work for us, there are times some of us leave for hours or days, but we still want to look back at that day's wave, sometimes I search and look at waves from a week ago or more.

Can I top post, middle post, or bottom post in skype chat so my comment is relative to the context?

Someone might ask a question at 10am, and I don't come on until noon, but I want to answer it, so I place my response near the 10am question, and that response shows unread to others so they still see it.
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Well yes you can look back on chats from earlier. We have a group chat at work that is going on a year now, and the history is still there.

But no, you can't comment in context- new comments always get added at the end.
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Check out Zenbe Shareflow. It was announced shortly before Wave, and is very similar in concept.
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This recent lifehacker post was created after the death of wave with alternatives. Might find something there you can use.
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Try Campfire.
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Though a Campfire account would cost $12 a month for a group of your size. Sorry, I could have sworn they had a free option.
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@adamrice - THANKS! Initial looks at zenbe shareflow look better than wave. Some of the email integration looks handy.

keep the suggestions coming. thanks everyone!
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What about Google Docs? Their live editing functionality has improved a ton, and you can basically work from a blank slate to create whatever kind of setup you want. That's a good free option, I think.

If you all have Office 2010, OneNote in that version is a lot less blank slateish (I think of it as a scrapbook to Word's piece of paper) and has shared notebooks. Allegedly they've added good built-in real-time editing functionality, but I haven't tried it yet.
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You could try creating your own private forums here, here, or here (all free of course, but probably have ads)
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Crap. Sorry I didn't fully read the question
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IRC doesn't give me any of the features we like in google wave.
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Novell Pulse. It actually -is- Google Wave under the covers, with some security and other such stacked on top, and they claim they're going to continue development on it post-Wave. Unfortunately, it's only in a technical preview mode at the moment, so getting all of your team accounts might be problematic, but they claim it will be released to the public in 2nd Quarter 2010. (Not sure if it will be free or pay, though.) Me-mail me if you'd like an invite to it, I think I have some.
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On re-reading, I see you know of Pulse's existence. It is supposed to be released as a cloud-based solution, so shouldn't require its own server. Don't know about cost, though.
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how about a wiki?
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