Looking for a mic to use when making iMovie videos
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I am looking for a good quality, but not too expensive, external mic to use when recording videos using iMovie.

We make cooking videos for our blog, and the sound quality is really a big issue. I am looking for a good mic compatible with an older MacBook and iMovie. The person speaking on the videos may be as much as a few feet away from the computer sometimes, other times very close to the computer. Is there any kind of wireless mic solution that could clip on a shirt? Or a wired mic that would be good for variable distances?

(There was a similar question in 2008, but most people said use the built in mic, so I am hoping the technology has improved since then.)
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Ask at gearslutz.com

They will have the answer there if no one does here. Good luck.
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Best answer: All of the Blue Mics rock! Even the most inexpensive one sounds great.
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I have a MXL 990 for podcasting. It's a desktop mic, and very good at recording me talking into it, but we also use to it record events (speakers in a large room), and the audio quality is pretty great.
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An AT2020 costs about $100 with a built-in USB interface and sounds amazing.
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You need a lavalier solution if the person is in motion and continually speaking. A wireless lavalier/body pack-transciever combo can be had for under $200. Check B&H Photo and Video's website for the biggest selection.

There is no way a fixed table mic is going to give you consistent quality sound with that much range of motion.
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Here's the bare bones thing, Azden, decent quality, $150, B&H. Upgrade to Sennheiser if you want the next level.
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And let me say one more word of explanation: you know how on every video blog you see the sound is like it was recorded in someone's kitchen through a cheap mic? That's because it almost always is.

Watch any television news (or cooking) show and see how the person moving around the studio or kitchen is miked -- it's always a lavalier, unless it's a movie set and there are booms overhead.
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