Help Me Automatically Publish a Nicely Formatted List of My Media
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I have a large collection of digital music, movies, and TV shows that I am adding to on a regular basis. I would like to come up with a way to create a nicely formatted list of all of this media on a scheduled basis and publish this for others to view. Please Help!

So here is my situation... I am on OSX 10.6. I use iTunes to manage all of my music library, but for my movies and TV shows I use Plex. I'm in the process of ripping my physical media collection (DVD, Blu-Ray, & CD), so that is an ongoing project, and generally when I buy a new disc, one of the first things I do is rip it. Between the two, I'm adding one form of media or another several times a week. I'd like to be able to publish a nice list of this for myself and others to browse, and it'd be great if it could automatically update itself once a week or so.

I've come across the Plexport script for Plex (more details here, and I really like how it works and displays the movie covers, links to IMDB, trailers, etc., but it doesn't work for my music library as that is managed by iTunes. Also, it has to be ran manually from within Plex, and then I have to take the html files, etc. and update them somewhere online.

So, do I have any options? I don't particularly care that it works with iTunes and Plex libraries - just something that would scan my media folders would work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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What are your programming skills like? iTunes has a pretty good api which allows you to access all the content and the associated meta-data.

It shouldn't be hard to pull something together which extracts and displays this.
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