Letting the bard babysit?
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Have you used child care at the Utah Shakespearean Festival? Would you feel comfortable dropping your 2.5 year old there for an 8 o'clock show?

Our boss has invited us to two nights at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Both of the plays are at 8:00. We really want to go but are hesitant to because it will involve dropping our 2.5 year old off at the childcare two nights in a row pretty much at his bedtime.

Have you used the childcare there for a similarly aged child? What was your experience like?
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Forgive me for not directly answering, but -- why not bring him? I took my toddler to "As You Like It" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and next week we'll see "Romeo and Juliet." This is easy to do -- bring bags of snacks and mete them out slowly (reserving candy til the end), have quiet little toys -- and beneficial; a surprising amount was retained. I made efforts to hustle late naps during the day but it scarcely seemed necessary, as the whole theatre experience is the right combination of interesting but not over-exciting.
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Children under the age of six years are not admitted to Festival plays. Also, some of our plays contain material that you may not consider suitable for your chlidren. Please familiarize yourself with the plays before ordering tickets. Information is available on our play pages.
Care for children up to the age of ten years is provided during all plays, but not during other Festival activities. Our professionally staffed, safe, and state-licensed facility is located at 43 S. 200 West Street.

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Oh my lord, DO NOT take the tot to the plays. Your fellow adults will murder you.
The Festival provides childcare for just this reason...use it!

(on a side-note...wondering why they feel the need to call it a "Shakespearean festival. hmmm)
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No worries on the taking the child to the play - even if it were allowed we wouldn't do it.
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Just adding I am hoping I didn't offend kmennie, or anyone else who brings kids to plays. This particular festival is pretty formal as far as summer outdoor Shakespeare goes and the only time we've gotten our child to sit down since he has been mobile is when he is restrained by a harness in his carseat/stroller. We've definitely got a live one!
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I've never used the child care you're talking about, but I do have a son the same age.

Has he stayed at a Daycare center before? Is he the kind of kid that likes new experiences or does he tend to get separation anxiety? Can you pack his favorite blanket and stuffed animal so that he can cuddle up if he gets tired?

I wouldn't have a problem using this kind of child care for my two and a half year old, but he is a pretty independent little guy who gets excited about new kids and new toys and will sleep in the middle of the grocery store floor if that's where he felt tired (he's tried it!). It would be a totally different story with his older brother who used to get upset at change and was always a difficult kid to get to settle down for bed.

I'd read up on the child care, if they are basically the same as a regular day care center and your son is happy in that kind of environment then I'd go for it. You could always try the first night and if it's a total catastrophe you send your husband alone the second night.
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Just in case anyone is interested the child care was awesome! Most of the people who worked there seemed to be elementary school teachers - our son loved it. We'll definitely do it again.
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