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What are the best wi-fi equipped places in Myrtle Beach for sitting down with a laptop and working for 8 hours?

Later this month I'll be in Myrtle Beach, SC for a week and unfortunately I'll still be working full time. The hotel should have wi-fi but I will probably want to get out during the day.

Obviously I can always hit up a Starbucks, but if there are better options I'd like to take advantage of them. I've found a few places via Yelp but it's hard to tell what looks good. I'm just looking for a restaurant or coffee shop that's relatively quiet, has good vegetarian-friendly food (or good coffee), and doesn't get annoyed with someone working on a laptop for hours at a time.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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The local public library would fit part of the bill. I'm pretty sure it will have wi-fi.

You could always smuggle in food, just don't tell them a librarian said that.
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