Sending a vehicle across Australia!
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Transporting-Cars-Filter: My brother is working on the mines in Western Australia and would like to get his jeep or scooter transported from Gold Coast to Perth / Karratha. Any idea how to do this as cheaply as possible? Brother has heard that rail freight is a less expensive option.

His internet is really slow over there so he asked me to help, but I'm clueless with cars etc and my Googling is yielding really expensive options, or nothing at all for rail / train freight of vehicles.

PS I am assuming the scooter will be a lot cheaper to transport?
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Best answer: Off the bat it's going to be cheaper for him to buy something over there and sell it once he's done with it.

Assuming the vehicle is operational, a car is going to be about AU$2-3K to transport across the country. Add $400 or thereabouts for personal pickup and delivery at each depot. Then he'll have to register it, including paying an establishment charge in WA. Googling 'car transport australia' gave me many options when I was selling one of my cars about two years ago.

If you want to do it cheaper, you may be able to pay a 'car sitter' to drive it over: he may be up for fuel and a plane ticket back. Still, that feels quite sticky, and it's not really viable for a scooter.

Rail freight may well be cheaper, but I would have no idea how to make that happen. Every car move I've ever heard of has been on the back of a truck.
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Best answer: This site shows a few recent quotes, but it's not dated so I don't know how recent.

One example is a Toyota Landcruiser from Brisbane depot to Perth depot for AU$1166.10. It would be a fair bit more for door-to-door delivery from the Gold Coast to Karratha, I'd reckon.

These people offer online quotes and they have depots both at the Gold Coast and Karratha.

This is one of the rail transport sites I found, and they offer online quotes too.

I'd be very surprised if he could get either vehicle transported for less than $2000.

The miners I have known who have moved to WA to work (but know they will transfer back east eventually) have bought less-expensive vehicles over there, as Sutekh suggests, and then onsell them to another miner in the same situation. I believe it's quite a common practice.
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(Bugger. Forget the rail link, it ain't Australian!)
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