City hall wedding gift?
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Gift for city hall wedding?

I will be the Witness for a wedding at city hall, and would like to get them a small gift. I know that they wouldn't want anything fancy but can't think of anything other than "random kitchen appliance".
What would work given the venue?
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Maybe a very nice bottle of champagne, and two glasses? You can often get the very fancy brands in a nice gift set with glasses. We bought this one for some friends who were having a baby, and they seemed to appreciate the "yay!" gesture.
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Oops, it was this one we got - with the glasses!
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What price range are you looking at? And what kind of people are they? Just off the top of my head...

If they are hip and artsy, maybe a Polaroid camera and some film? You can snap a few pictures before and after the ceremony and then give them the camera as a gift. Polaroid photos have a cool vintage vibe that regular photos don't. I like my polaroid wedding photos much better than the traditional ones.

If they are more traditional, then just bring something like a nice photo album or photo frame or a bottle of wine and a gift certificate for a good restaurant.

Also, it can be cool to bring a couple of those little confetti poppers or some birdseed and a bottle of champagne or fizzy grape juice. Just because the wedding is at City Hall doesn't mean it's not a reason to celebrate (though you might want to call City Hall first to see if there are any regulations about these kinds of things).
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This is hard without knowing more about people. But, how about a gift certificate to dinner; a membership to a zoo or museum; a board game; bottle of wine/basket of food/flowers; a picture frame for their wedding photo.

When I'm in doubt, I send Jenni's Ice Cream.
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I wasn't aware that the venue or style of the wedding had anything to do with the sort of gift. You shouldn't skimp on them just because they're not having a big fancy wedding with a reception and hundreds of guests. (Oh, and it's not necessary to give the gift in person at the actual wedding, so no worries about that.)

What would you give them if they were having the big fancy wedding with all the bells and whistles? Get them that.
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Hah--I've been to quite a few of these types of affairs! It's a real wedding, their real wedding, no matter the venue. They're getting married! Seriously, don't convey any sort of dismissiveness, implying that their marriage is any less serious or real, just becuse they didn't go to a church or something.

No, I wouldn't bring those party poppers to the courthouse--exploding gunpowder makes people nervous. Nothing that will leave a mess for someone else to clean up, either. Don't give them a gift they have to lug home. If you really want to give them something right then, a little poetry book would be nice, something small and portable. Otherwise, give them a regular wedding gift, before or after the ceremony, like you'd do for a normal wedding.
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A pretty snowglobe of the city, and possibly the city hall.
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I gave a couple who already had everything they could ever want a nice bottle of champagne with a couple vintage champagne glasses I bought at an antique store. They seemed to really appreciate it and keep the glasses and the empty bottle on display in their china cabinet.
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