Eyeglass fit for Asian faces in NYC
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Which eyeglass shop in NYC could most ably adjust eyeglasses to fit an Asian face?

I'm Asian and have a pair of fairly nice eyeglasses that don't fit quite right. My shallow upper nose bridge and short temple length make them slide down a bit. I've taken them to three adjusters in Cali already who improved the fit, but there's still slippage. I think the nose pads should be extended deeper (as kinda described here http://www.oakley.com/asian_fit), but I'm not sure. I'm in NYC at the moment; are there any eyeglass places with good adjusters, catering especially to Asians, preferably one that handles pretty nice frames?
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From the moment I discovered them, Sol Moscot has been my go-to destination for eyeglasses. The shop in the LES (on Orchard & Delancy) has always been my preferred destination, I think they do a better job over there.
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Have you tried any eyeglass stores in Chinatown? I go to Mott Street Optical on 52 Mott Street. I'm not entirely sure how they compare to other places, but the desk in the back (where they do all the adjustments) seems to have an impressive selection of tools and such. They've been very helpful every time I've gone and certainly cater to an Asian crowd. It's also where I got my Ray-Bans, if those count as nice frames.

If you want more places with lots of Asian (okay, mostly Chinese) customers, I'd try doing a search on Google or Yelp for eyewear / opticians in Chinatown or Flushing. Optical 88 on 116 Mott Street seems to get better reviews.
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Selima Optique did this for me. I went to the Wooster Street location and the customer service was excellent.

I'm Asian-American with a shallow, wide nose bridge, and always had trouble adjusting eyeglasses frames. They even adjusted plastic frames for me, and embedded nosepads within the frames themselves.

Selima aren't cheap but did an amazing job.
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