Can anyone recommend a holster & case combo for the IPhone 4?
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Can anyone recommend a holster & case combo for the IPhone 4?

I just got an IPhone 4, and I would like to get a case for it along with a holster that fits the IPhone when it is in the case. I'd like for the case to protect the sides and back at a minimum. I'd also like a case that is relatively butterfinger-resistant (non slippery) and will alleviate the signal-loss issues that caused Apple to give away the free cases.
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Apple's bumpers don't really protect the back, but they're quite grippy and they actually improve the phone, in my opinion. And, really, the back is a special glass that's probably tougher than a plastic case would be, so I think you're fine there. Bumpers sort-of do protect the back since they keep it from touching whatever you set the phone on (or what it collides with when dropped).

I bought bumpers for my iPhone before Apple started giving them away for free. I was quite happy with them for $29. For free? I love 'em!

As for a holster... do you mean something like this?
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They also make this for the iPhone 4, but I'd prefer the version I linked to above. I'm actually thinking about buying one for mine.
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Response by poster: @2oh1: Actually, I was thinking more of something like this.
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