How to access WaPo archives online?
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I'm trying to access a series of WaPo articles from 1968-1971, but I'm not having any luck with LexisNexis, Proquest, or the newspaper's website. I know the names/dates of the articles, but they aren't showing up in my LexisNexis searches. (My library's microfilm WaPo collection only goes back to 1974.) Does anyone have another idea of where to look for archived newspaper articles online?
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You could try the Google News Archive advanced search.
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Checking WorldCat, it appears everyone's microfilm collection only goes back to 1974. Looks like that's because prior to 1974, the Washington Post is listed as the "Washington Post Times Herald". Check your library catalog for that title, or this list of libraries who have microfilm for one near you. None of the entries for that title list it as an electronic resource, so it may be that online access doesn't exist.
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The Washington Post was the Washington Post in 1968-1971, and is indexed w/full text in ProQuest's Historical Washington Post database back to 1877 (there is no coverage in Lexis before January 1977). What are titles (w/dates) of the articles that you need?
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