No, I'm not OK (with my remote control)
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I have a Suddenlink branded Motorola PVR. I need to remap one of the keys on the Suddenlink provided remote control

I have this remote control. I also have an old XBox running XBMC with the regular Microsoft remote adapter.

When I set up the DVD device button on the remote, most of the keys work with the XBOX. However, some keys are locked to the CBL button. For instance, the direction buttons work fine in XBMC, but the OK/SELECT button does not. No matter what device is active, the OK/SELECT button always tries to use the CBL device.

How can I remove the OK/SELECT lock (or any other key that is mapped to CBL)? Of course, when the CBL device is active, I want the OK/SELECT button to work as intended.

Thanks for the help.
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On my Cox-provided remote, I had to map a few locked buttons to some of the unused buttons, since I was also unable to get a few of them to send the proper codes.

Personally, I bought a Harmony remote and forgot about stupidity with the provided remote. As a bonus, my SO was finally able to figure out how to get the inputs set correctly on all the devices I have. :p
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Best answer: FWIW, I solved this problem by following the instructions here.

Setup, 9 - 7 - 3, CH -.
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Thanks for the update. I wish I had known about that page when I had that remote. :(
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