How to set up a custom profile on the Blackberry World Edition?
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How can I set up a custom profile for the Blackberry World Edition 8830: Silent for email, Vibrate for Text messages and Ring for phone?

I have been playing and researching and cannot figure it out. Please help!
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I think it's dependent on the version of the operating system you are using more than the specific model, that said on mine, I get to it by going to the Profile icon (looks like a volume/ speaker) and select the profile you want to modify. If it's going to be your default settings, just leave it on normal. Now, go back to Profile and select "Advanced" from here your profile will appear in boldface. If you select the bolded profile, it will bring you to a sub menu with a lot of different choices.

The ones you are looking for are Phone (set it to Tone and select the ringtone and volume you want. *note, you can have it set to do something different if detects that it is in a holster, so you may want to make sure the settings you want match for both Out of Holster and In Holster)

Next you'll want to follow these same steps for messages and email (where, instead of Tone, you choose "Vibrate" and "None" respectively). Messages can be tricky, because there are a lot of things that fall into that category: ICQ, Blackberry Messenger, SMS Text, MMS, etc. You can set these to fit your needs.

On my phone, I use Gmail, so I have an choice for that. I would assume that the built in email will have something similar.
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I just looked at the World Edition that work issued me, and I'm noticing that when I select Profile, I can't even see Advanced, but if you scroll down, it's there. That might help a bit.
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