Anybody know of therapy/counseling options in Tokyo area?
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Can anybody recommend a therapist/counselor in the Tokyo area, preferably for cheap/free, and on the west side of town?

I'm looking for a psychologist/therapist/counselor in Tokyo. Would prefer CBT, but will take what I can get. Would prefer free or very cheap, but will take what I can get. Would prefer west of Shibuya, but will take what I can get. Would prefer one option for English-speaker and one option for Japanese-speaker (or an option that would work for both), but will take what I can get. Would prefer someone who won't push drugs, but will take what I can get. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks.

I have searched the internet, but I'm looking for more personal recommendations, I guess. I have, in the fairly distant past, tried a few options myself based on an internet search, but have not found what feels like a good fit.

Anyone know about therapy via skype or some such?

bonus question: What is the difference between laziness and depression?
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I've heard good things about the Yokohama branch of the Heart Clinic. They seem to have clinics in Machida and Ofuna as well, and offer consultation in Japanese and English. As a bonus they have consultation slots during lunchtime, and after normal business hours, which doesn't seem to be the norm in Japan.

Judging by the website they seem to try and keep drugs to the minimum.
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Response by poster: ultrabuff: thanks for the info about Heart Clinic. It looks like a possibility, and at first I thought the pricing seemed very reasonable, but upon further digging, it seems the regular session fee is 6000yen for 50 minutes, which would be very tough to swallow right now (though it may not be a bad price, generally speaking). It seems group therapy is half that price, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with group therapy. Either way, I'll call tomorrow and confirm details.
Would you be willing to say anymore about what good things you heard? Feel free to memail me.
I hope others may still chime in, though I realize it is a narrow question.
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My mom is a practicing psychologist in Hawaii and does skype therapy with great success with some clients who moved to Singapore. She does psychodynamic therapy which is a far cry from CBT and it ain't cheap but she's been in the business for 40 years and I can say for sure that she's helped a lot of people.

Best of luck! I know it can be hard to find quality treatment in Asia- that's why she decided to skype with these clients.
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