Global Keratin Hair Taming treatment: personal experiences?
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I'm considering a Global Keratin Hair Taming treatment. Looking for personal experiences, do the results justify the cost, does it really last up to 5 months, are there specific skills I should look for in the stylist applying the treatment?

I suffer from thick and frizzy hair that greatly benefits from a professional blow wave or straightener, but don't have the skill or stamina to do it myself, so was hoping this treatment would save me the trouble.
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my wife just had this done a couple of weeks ago. she is very pleased with how it worked. Her hair is also very thick and curly, but she loves wearing it straightened. she says the treatment makes her time spent drying her hair in half. Also, we were at the beach, and she didn't get frizzed like she normally does. However, she has only had it done for about 3 weeks now, so I can't speak to how long it lasts. Given the cost involved, she says (so far) that she will definitely do it again at the start of summer, but she hasn't decided if it will be worth it in the winter (when she gets less frizzed anyway).
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I had the Coppola Keritain treatment a month ago now. I LOVE it. I thought I would miss my curls (and I do a little) but my hair is so much eaiser to manage now. My hair is a lot shinier and smoother than before. My drying time with a blow dryer has been cut down considerably and I don't have to use a straightener now if I don't have time. Do you live in a major city? I was able to try the treatment using a groupon ( which cut the cost down to $175. Just like midwestguy's wife, I will definitely do this next summer again, I'm not sure about the winter though. If a stylist has been trained to use the Keratin treatment, you're probably fine. It's not a complicated process. I would just ask them how many treatments they've done and if they get the treatment themselves (I think that says a lot). Feel free to memail me if you have more specific questions.
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I did it last summer. I had it done in early June, I didn't have to blow dry my hair AT ALL until early October, maybe a little later. It's interesting that they are promising 5 months, because when I got it done, the promise was 3 months.

I had a short-ish bob that I did in the spur of the moment when I was tired of my long hair. I started looking into professional straightening because the style really needed a flat iron and there was no way I would flat iron it in the summer, no way I could practically flat iron it every day (I tried! I thought I could do it.) and the style looked terrible if it wasn't flat.

So in my opinion, yes, the results justify the cost, because it saved me so much time, and I always felt my hair looked professional - I didn't have to waste time in the morning futzing with it and I didn't walk around with scraggly hair because I ran out of time, I didn't have to fight with the style. When I had time to blow it out, it just blew fat.

Regarding skills: you want to make sure they've done it before, a lot. It's all about attention to detail. After they put the solution on, they are going to run flat irons of various sizes all over your hair. (It will hurt, take an Advil.) If you are choosing a salon that has a better price, be careful, because that may mean that they rush through the job and it could have an impact on quality.

You can't wash your hair or wear a hat (or anything that might leave a line) for about three days after you get it done, so time it accordingly. I wish I had known that, I might have timed it differently. I would probably go in and see if I could get a consult with the stylist who's going to perform the service in advance with the type of hair you have, even a 5 minute check in - how long will it take, what's your experience doing it on this kind of hair, etc.
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Oh, yeah, it also makes your hair super conditioned, smooth and shiny.
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I had this done about 4 weeks ago. My hair is normally the dreadful type that all hairdressers hate: long, thick, frizzy/curly. I've had my hair blown straight all my life and have spent an (I feel) totally justified fortune on it in that time.

Anyway, this treatment has changed my life. Can't believe I'm saying something so profound about hair but it's true. My hair is still very curly when I wash it, but somehow it has lost its anger, its fight. I can straighten it and smooth it in ten minutes- as opposed to two hours before.

Get it done. If you don't like it, then don't get it done again. You just have to try it! The 4 day non washing thing is annoying at the beginning, ooh and you should use a special shampoo/conditioner alongside this. And if you wash your hair a little less often the treatment is prolonged. Also don't use bleach on your hair at the same time. My hair is tinted and apparently that's ok.

As for cost benefit, only you know the price of having your hair easy and smooth. And go to a decent salon. Good luck!
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Look into Brazilian Blow Out. Very similar, also a Keratin treatment, but you don't have to wait 3 days to wash your hair, you can wash it right away! I've had mine 5 weeks and love love love it. I have long (very curly) hair. Now I can wash it, spend 15 minutes blowdrying (which i'm not very good or experienced at, if you have some expertise doing this it is probably much quicker), and not worry about doing any thing more to it until the next wash. I've been told I look 20 years younger!
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