Help me figure out what this summer sound is - frog, insect??
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I'm trying to figure out what this sound is: specifically heard in the summer, in the woods - either a frog or some sort of insect I think (not crickets though). Could be described as "cheet-cheet-cheet-cheet" repeated. An exact example can be found in the very beginning of the R.E.M. song "You Are Everything" from the album Green. Super bonus question: would love to find a recording of this to purchase/download. Thanks!
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Geckos? That's what I hear in the woods behind my bedroom, especially when it's been raining, but it would depend on where you are.
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This? Those are Cicadas.
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I just listened to the song and it's cicadas.
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If it was nighttime could also be Katydids.
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You could try listening to different insect sounds here, but this is by no means complete. It is a fun site to play around in. I has recordings of crickets, katydids, cicadas, etc.
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Downloadable cicadas. (Unless you meant the song.)
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Where I come from, we just call them Heat Bugs.
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Maybe the online database of Singing Insects of North America (with audio files of their songs) could help you figure out what you're hearing? (I made a post to the blue about this database a long time ago, but the URL has apparently changed since then.)
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When you need a recording of an animal, check with the Macaulay Library.
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They're cicadas. Heat Bugs is a great term, though, because that's what they're associated with. Late July, August... I love them!
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I think there are cicadas droning on, and the chirps of a cricket as well.
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They're not cicadas; at least, not in the song. They're katydids. A wonderful sound, though it can be nearly oppressively loud in the south on summer nights sometimes. It's funny, on warm nights, the rhythm is pretty fast, but as it gets colder in the fall, they slow down their call. The cicadas are active in the day with a loud, buzzy drone that abruptly starts and stops.
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Oh, by the way, in the song there are also crickets, and it may even be more dominant. You can hear the crickets backed up with the pattern of the katydids. The crickets are even more well known for having the chirp indicating temperature.
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Yeah some listening to this katydid, and this cricket make me agree with Red Loop. You can hear a close-up one of each, and in the droning sound of the many insects there seem to be both crickets and katydids as well.
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Fleacircus: I had no idea that was what katydids sounded like! Turns out, not only are they cool looking but they also make one of my favorite late-summer noises...
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