Help me remember a movie where a woman falls through a table
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Movie ID: Help me remember a movie I saw on a plane in the 1980's.

What I remember about the movie is this: Woman and man are getting frisky in a cab, and then are making out on the way up to a house or apartment.

I assume the woman was naked, because I remember her dropping her trench coat and then a quick cut to the woman falling from the second floor of said on to a glass table and dying.
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Sounds like No Way Out.
posted by pmurray63 at 5:45 PM on August 4, 2010

Yeah, it was Kevin Costner and Sean Young, she's the girl in the trench coat.
posted by iconomy at 6:14 PM on August 4, 2010

Thirding No Way Out.
posted by zippy at 8:44 PM on August 4, 2010

Having seen the movie many times, I'm 99.9% certain it was a fur coat, not a trench, and there were a number of things that happened before she fell to her death. It wasn't a quick cut unless you saw a badly butchered version of the movie.
posted by fuse theorem at 8:52 PM on August 4, 2010

It's entirely possible that the movie was butchered. I think I saw it on Air Jordan or PIA.
posted by reenum at 9:03 PM on August 4, 2010

According to the wikipedia summary, the making out and the death are separated by half the movie.
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