Critical Paris?
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Critical Mass in Paris?

I'm going to be in Paris on the last Friday of this month (the 27th), and if there's a Critical Mass ride taking place, I'd like to participate.

Will the be a ride on that day? Where and at what time will it start?
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I lived there last year and never heard anything about it. Hung out with a lot of fixie kids and the bike polo people.

Bikes in Europe are pretty transparent. People grow up around them, the largest sporting event in the country is a bike race, bike lanes are everywhere and Paris has the Velib program, with literally thousands and thousands of bikes. The rights that critical massers ask for never were lost in Paris. But who knows?

I bet if there is, it's awesome and peaceful - and everyone, including motorists, gets in on the action, with little police drama. Strikes and demonstrations are also a part of the French culture!

I'd check out the Stalingrad Metro and see if there's not a polo game going on, though ;)
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Looks like there was one last month, but it was on Saturday. The first Saturday.
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As alex_skazat says, there was a big event here last month, at the beginning of July. Here's the information: VĂ©lorution Universelle. The website says that this was the first Critical Mass event ever in Paris, so it's unlikely that there will be another official one this month, but who knows? Try emailing someone involved with the last one to find out.

If you want to be out with a large number of people, self-powered but faster than walking, you could try rollerblading. Once late at night I saw a huge number of rollerbladers out en masse -- there were literally thousands of people skating in a group; it took almost ten minutes for the whole group to pass us by. It turns out that there's a regular group skate with ambulance and security support. This is called Pari-Roller and they have a website in English.
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