Is there a movies release date reminder?
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Is there a website or application where I can mark a movie to remember I want to watch it when it's released? I've found many that let you add to your wishlist, but I need one that notify me when a movie is released, so I am aware to go to the cinema or download it.

I usually forget to watch a movie because it was released and I didn't noticed it.

I need some app or tool that sends me an email (or any kind of notification) when a movie is released.

Do you know something?
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I too have this problem, the best I have come up with is adding it to my Netflix queue as a "Saved" movie.

I would love to hear of a way to get notified when movies are released. I like a lot of the small indi movies and I lose track of them.
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I'm rather a fan of VideoETA. They have faithfully reported releases of movies about which I had forgotten for some time.

Another technique I use, for overlap, is to register an account at IMDB. You can add a movie to "My Movies." I have a category called "Not Yet Released On DVD." Then you can visit your list, look at the "Available Column," and then the "DVD" sub-column under that. I then move released movies to the "DVDs to Buy" category and away I go.

These more or less covers everything I've wanted so far.
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Response by poster: Ok, seems like we are all in the same boat.

I'm planning to create a tool to do that, what do you think?
I don't know if email is the solution, but at least per-user-RSS feeds.

Only need to find a reliable source of movies with a good API.
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