Identify this b-movie from the 80s
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Identify this b-movie from the 80s

The main character was a teenage boy with brown hair. He liked some girl who had (maybe) curly blond hair. The kid was scared of his dad who was (maybe) drunk and abusive. (I think) there was a scene where the dad killed a dog with a baseball bat. The plot revolved around (really not sure about this) an alien weapon that the kid found. This movie played on Cinemax or Showtime at odd hours, very low budget, but not a porn film. It seemed like it was intended to be serious, but who knows, I was very young.
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Could it be Laserblast?
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it's totally Laserblast, although I don't remember the dog being killed.
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There's a Mystery Science Theater episode with Laserblast that is pretty hilarious.
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Response by poster: Damn, it's not Laserblast, sorry. I think my description of the gun threw people off. I watched the Laserblast trailer and a couple of clips. The movie I remember seemed more serious and I think it was newer, probably in the 80s.
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Is it Masters of the Universe?
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I vaguely remember something not Laserblast where the weapon was a military prototype and the military started chasing the kid to get the weapon back. I think it was a pistol-style energy weapon, but that's all I can remember.
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By any chance was the weapon some kind of laser that fired (super cheap) blue static-like bolts? I've been trying to track down a movie with that in for years now - and it's not fucking Laserblast! Hopefully it's this.

I don't recall the dog being killed, but the actor and budget descriptions match. My sole personal recollection is that in one scene the girl is getting cruised by some guys in a car and the kid opens fire on them from his bedroom window, driving the thugs off. The girl is amazed but wonders if the boy was trying to kill the thugs, but he reveals that he had the weapon set to low-power so it only stung upon impact, and that on full power the laser would have blown the thug's car up.

I have nothing more to offer. Christ, someone give me a title and bring these years of pain to a close.

/question hi-jack.
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Note that it's also not The Manhattan Project, which shares the kid-acquires-military-technology-only-to-be-pursued-by-dark-powers-who-will-stop-at-nothing-to-get-it-back plot.
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Best answer: This actually sounds a bit like Deadly Weapon.
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Response by poster: Yep, based on a few plot summaries and some old photos of the teen actor I'm pretty sure that Deadly Weapon is it. Thank you!
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Interesting tidbit from the trivia section about "Deadly Weapon":
Was originally envisioned by executive producer Charles Band as a sequel to Laserblast (1978) but after the fall of Empire Pictures the ideas were recycled.
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