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I am trying to locate/remember a commercial that is currently airing nationally for a tech product or service. I have seen it around 5 times but I don't want to wait for it to serendipitously pop up again. Help me remember the product that goes a long with the commercial I describe below. (I'm not interested in purchasing the product or anything, I only want to examine the ad.)

What I remember:
Two friends are looking at a computer in around the year 1995. They are in awe of email. Cut to 2003 or so and the same two friends are looking at a computer, expressing awe, this time over wireless technology. Cut to today where the same two are expressing awe about a new technology, the product being advertised.

Side note: In all three scenes, a woman walks by in the background, following the same trajectory each time.

If this commercial is viewable anywhere besides tv, I'd be interested in hearing about that too.
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It's an Intel ad. I see it on Hulu all the damn time. (I noticed the background woman in each scene too.)
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Video titled "Intel: Generations"
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Intel: Generations on (!) Intel's YouTube Channel
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Oh damn, everyone else beat me to it.

If you're going to examine the ad, maybe you can figure out why those guys are perpetually 2-3 years behind the curve at each step. I mean, is that on purpose? Is it meant to be funny? Or are they deliberately talking down to their audience?
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