Non-psychiatric therapists in Santa Fe?
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Therapists in Santa Fe, NM

I'm looking for a good therapist in Santa Fe. Ideally, the office should be downtown— I am a non-driver who lives on the east side— and it should be covered by Lovelace or be less than $40/hr. I've had some luck with DBT before but it seems like the DBT providers are all outside my insurance network and very expensive.

Whatever the recommendation, I would prefer if the therapist was outside the psychiatric apparatus. I've had about enough of being kidnapped in the middle of the night, drugged against my will, told that my thoughts are "wrong," etc. for a lifetime.
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Outside of the psychiatric apparatus? Do you mean that you want a talking cure, without drugs? So you want a psychologist? Or just someone to talk to?
Also, would you be willing to take the train into Albuquerque, and use public transportation to get to see someone there?
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