My hotmail doesn't like my iPad - help them get along!
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Using hotmail on my iPad, it only sends messages intermittently. Sometimes they send just fine, other times I can push send all I want, nothing happens. Any ideas to fix this?

Tonight I tried to send two, one went, second did not, only about 5 minutes apart. So I don't think it's a connection problem. If it matters, the one that went was a forward, the no-go was a new message.
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This is definitely not perfect or beautiful or whatever but it may be a workaround; try and send from their servers using your hotmail address as the return address. This use isn't what the site is designed to do but I suspect it might work, if it's just that Apple and MS are doing an email dance game for whatever reason, if they are not shaking hands or whatever. Perhaps coming from another site might let the msg fly..

Good luck.
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Best answer: I'm not super familiar with Safari on the iPad, but if it's anything like Safari on the Mac, we recently had to fix a similar problem on the web-based email client I work on. Basically, it's because Safari / Mac OS X tcp handling is a little screwed up, particularly when it comes to asynchronous requests.

You might be able to kick it into a different state by checking spelling or triggering some other action, then hitting send.
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Best answer: Occurs to me that another solution is to open a gmail account, tie your hotmail acct to it, and send your hotmail through your gmail account; I still have a hotmail acct but haven't opened the hotmail client in at least three months, I send everything through the gmail interface. Again, not perfect but if you can use gmail you maybe send your hotmail msgs through it this way. Msgs sent through gmail still have your hotmail return address on them, etc and etc.
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i'm not sure how long you've been having this problem (i.e. if it's been since you got an iPad a few months ago, or if it's just recent) but i've found that since Hotmail launched their newest design, i've had the same problems.

i've never used an iPad so i have no iPad-related advice, but if you've only been having this problem over the last 2-3 weeks, it might just be Hotmail.
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