Clothing worn in movies
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How do I find out what clothing was worn by a character in a movie?

For example, if I wanted to know the designer, style, colour etc of a top worn by Julia Roberts in a specific movie, what resources are available that I can use to find out? (Other than Google.) Are there websites that cover this stuff?
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As far as i've seen, this is the most publicized one.
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I'd dig into the production notes about the film on IMDB. You might learn something by looking at the costume and fashion related credits. For example, if a particular designer was contracted to do all of Julia Robert's merkins for her latest movie, that designer might very well get a special credit in the film notes. IMDB has a boatload of info that you have to sign up for a "pro" account to see. Might be some goodies in there for you.
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Try, which used to be a lot better than it is these days.
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There's also and for television appearances.
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There's also Delivery Agent.
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