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Looking for a good gaming laptop that's not Alienware. Also, about wireless gaming...

I currently have a Dell Vostro 1500.
(Specs: Processor: Intel COre 2 Duo CPU T5270 @ 1.4GHz RAM: 2 GB)

While it's *OK* (sort of), for most of the MMOs that I play, I'm really excited about FFXIV coming out in Sept and want to upgrade to better enjoy the game, which I've heard is a bit of a resource hog. (But for good reasons)

Though they carry better specs, I don't want a desktop, as I have limited desk space.

Also, I'm connected to the internet wirelessly. Wired gaming is better, I know, but not possible due to the way our house is set up. Plus, there is always at least 5 other people using the internet at the same time. It's fine if I'm just surfing, but online gaming is a pain sometimes... too much lag! Is there anyway I can reduce this lag, either by buying a better router or installing some kind of software? We currently have a Belkin N+ Wireless Router, which I think sucks. I can be in the same room as the router with my iPhone and get almost no signal. :( Oh, and yes, we supposedly have hi-speed internet from Roadrunner.

So, please, gaming laptop and/or router suggestions! Price is not too much of a worry, as I'll be looking for these things on eBay or secondhand or something, but still, nothing too extravagant, ok~? Maybe $900 and below.

Thank you!
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I had an Alienware and it was constantly breaking. I now game on an HP Envy 15, which is also my work PC. I love it. Should be possible at the price you give, but get a second gen model, the 1st gen ran hot.
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I recently got an Asus laptop from the Republic of Gamers line, and have been thrilled with it.
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Asus makes some really nice laptops with fast processors, a lot of RAM, and good gaming-oriented video adapters.

Here are a couple of examples in your price range:

For another $100, you could take a good step up with this:

Good luck and have fun!
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Seconding the Asus Republic of Gaming machines - I got one about 2 months ago (I don't recall the specific model that it is). It's been flawless so far. I do have to be careful about keeping it on a cooling mat when I am doing video-intensive things, but it's been totally solid. I got it at Best Buy for about $850.
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I've got the Samsung NP-580E. It's got an i5, 4GB RAMand an internal GeForce 330M graphics 'card'. It outputs full 1080p to my monitor, and at ultra settings, I get 40-60 fps in 25-man WoW raids. It runs Starcraft 2 smoooth as silk. Costs about $900.

Can't help you with your net -- I'm the only person on my fibre-to-the-door connection and get no lag to speak of.
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As far as ASUS longevity goes, I've got a two year old ASUS and have had no problems with it. It seems to have aged quite well. It had by far the best specs at its price point at the time (I got it at NewEgg). I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one when this one gives up the ghost.
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Don't get fooled into thinking you need a "gaming laptop" to game on a laptop. A Thinkpad with good specs will game just as well as an Alienware with good specs.

As for the router, you're probably stuck. You might be able to assign a higher QOS to your computer (possibly only after installing new firmware, possibly not at all), but that's a very underhanded thing to do and probably won't even make much difference: the average residential broadband line can support, at most, two simultaneous high-bandwidth activities. And the gamer gets the short end of the stick, because you can't cache/buffer the data like you can with video.
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