How to find PacBell switching stations around LA
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I am looking for a list of Pacific Telephone/Pacific Bell switching stations that were built before the 1980s around Los Angeles County. I want to do a series of photographic portraits of them. It seems like this information may be "suppressed for reasons of homeland security" but if anyone had any suggestions of where I may be able to dig it up archivally, it would be much appreciated!
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I'd head down to the Center for Land Use Interpretation on Venice Boulevard near Culver City. They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-5.

They might not have the information but they are intested in similar things. They have their own library with strange stuff that you can look at if you are very nice and ask politely. They have a very well curated book store as well. And the place is worth a visit!
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Best answer: If by "switching station" you mean the same thing as "central office", this page might be useful. Click on the logos at the bottom to get lots and lots of (current) pictures of COs.
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Best answer: will have what you want, just browse around and you should be able to compile a list. "Detailed switch information" is the page with the address, and it looks like you can even search by zip code.
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From searching on Flickr, this guy also has a collection of photos of central offices in LA, and some of them are even geotagged.

(I love this kind of thing. I've taken some photos of "telephone company buildings" in other towns; now I know the correct terminology. I hope you'll post your series to Projects when complete. And seconding checking out CLUI if you don't know about it already!)
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