A few bugs with the jailbreak
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Would someone please help me with my cydia/jailbreakme problems? iPhone 3GS, mc version, 4.0

I'm delighted there's a userland jail break but I have a few problems -

1) upon boot, my bootlogo screen gets a line of tiny multicoloured dots on the upper right

2) it says my phone has a TSS request pending

3) I installed mobile terminal via cydia and it crashes upon load

4) I tried to install safari download manager but it doesn't seem to have loaded - however trying to install it via cydia gives me a recheck screen.

I did the jailbreak yesterday.

Many thanks for your help and any other tips and leads welcome as I am new to jailbreaking!
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I think the cydia servers and some of the repositories were getting hammered yesterday... I tried installing some stuff myself, and things just weren't loading, causing all sorts of weird behavior in cydia. I'm guessing if you wait a few days, traffic will lighten up, and everything will work better.
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Best answer: 1) "The glitches on the boot screen are normal. You're looking at the kernel shellcode jailbreakme uses (temporarily stored on the framebuffer)."

2) the cydia servers, as mr_roboto says, are overloaded. If you want to make sure you save your signature, you can (should) use the firmware umbrella

3) the mobile terminal in cydia doesn't work with ios4 yet. here's one that supposedly does. I haven't tried it yet.

4) safari download manager doesn't seem to work in ios4 yet
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Yeah, Cydia has been a bear due to the load.
The dots are just a harmless screen buffer thing; you shouldn't see them if you do a real power cycle.
Make sure you do a full reboot. Just to be safe, actually power off and on.
And mobile terminal in the repos is an old version from 4/2009. The code has been updated recently, but I don't think anyone has public released a built package yet.
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Also, if you're going to mess around with terminal stuff, I would highly recommend getting iSSH from the App store. It's an excellent ssh+vnc client with a great interface that's totally worth $10. If you install and enable openssh on your phone, just ssh as root to localhost (password is "alpine". Change it immediately!). You'll also be able to ssh in from your desktop/laptop, making the typing thing MUCH easier.
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Response by poster: I've rebooted several times - whats meant by a real power cycle?
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I've rebooted several times - whats meant by a real power cycle?

The dots during boot won't go away. They are part of the jailbreak. It's the actual jailbreak code, being temporarily stored in video memory. Just ignore them. It's not a problem. Everyone that has used the jailbreakme.com site has them.
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Best answer: Duckstab is right, I am wrong; the dots will stay. Still harmless, though.

A full power cycle:

Hold the sleep button on top until you get the "slide to power off" message.
Slide, power off and wait for a black screen.
Hold the sleep button again to power on.

I grabbed the MobileTerminal build that duckstab linked to and can verify that it works. I've posted it publicly via Dropbox:

First, uninstall mobileterminal.
In Cydia, go to Manage->Sources
select Edit then Add
use the following URL:
Add source
When that's all done, install mobileterminal
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Response by poster: Thanks cat pie! Installed mobile terminal and it doesn't have a springboard icon...
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Response by poster: Wait I rebooted and now I have working mobileterminal!
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