Picture and sound from laptop into TV?
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How can I get picture and sound to go through my laptop into my TV?

I have an LG 37LH20 TV with lots of ports on the back of it: HDMI, DVI, USB, RGB In, and more. I also have a 2.26 GHz MacBook that I bought earlier this year. It has a port that Google tells me should be a MiniDisplay port. Is that right? I'm confused by adapters and plugs. How do I do this easily, and most importantly, cheaply? I'm in Canada, but I travel to Portland every once in a while, if shipping is an issue.
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MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapter + HDMI cable.
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Response by poster: I'm not really willing to spend $35 (plus more for the cable) to do this. Anything cheaper?
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Best answer: I believe Monoprice's MiniDisplay Port to HDMI cable should work too, although I've never tried them personally so maybe someone else has and can recommend. (10ft version, 15ft version)
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Best answer: To add, the page sharkfu links notes "Audio support is only available for MacBook Pro 13/15/17-in. mid-2010 release; iMac 21.5/27-in. early-2010 release." If this does not cover your machine (it's not clear from the description) you may need to run an 1/8" stereo (headphone) to RCA adapter for audio.
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Looks like you're in Vancouver; London Drugs is a good source for relatively cheap electronics. They've come through for me in the past at about half the price of Best Buy. Maybe this or this -- but if you go to London Drugs and tell them what you need, the staff there are pretty good. You could even bring your laptop to the store, I bet they would let you connect it to a TV to make sure it works before you buy anything.

On preview: $35 is what the adapters cost. No other options exist that I know of, unfortunately. This is Apple being a bit of a jerk to its customers. Note that the second link I showed is $40 and includes a cable -- though it doesn't have audio, you might need a separate cable for that.
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(but an audio cable can be bought at a dollar store for under $5 )
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Good catch, rhymeswithaj. I forgot only the newest Macs have audio over displayport.
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it's not super pretty hdmi or anything - but vga and an audio cable is how we do it.
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NB: If you have a receiver which takes optical S/PDIF, your headphone port also supports optical output.

Also, further to the above, I have an off-brand MiniDisplayport->HDMI cable which works fine (though muting the audio on the TV is necessary to remove an annoying buzz - I presume a result of the lack of audio info on the HDMI connection).
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Response by poster: I think I might have a headphone to RCA cable somewhere, so if I need an additional cable for audio, it isn't a big deal. I don't have a receiver.

To jrockway and others: if I can't get video to the TV for $10-$15, then I won't do it. It's not a feature that's worth very much to me. I don't watch enough TV. But if I can do it cheaply, then I will.
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Best answer: Then that Monoprice cable that sharkfu linked to will do the job, and quite well.
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"Nope. You bought a Mac. They are pricey to maintain."
"This is Apple being a bit of a jerk to its customers."

Not to go all BP, but it's not just Apple. Try pricing a HP miniVGA-> VGA, or HP displayport -> HDMI adaptor - they're about the same price. Dell's displayport -> HDMI adaptor is usually cheaper, but that depends on the phase of the moon and which part of the Dell shop you look at.
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You can buy one for $29 at NCIX

They also carry decent HDMI cables from as little as $13 (with no Monster cable hype!)

They are the best place for electronics in the Lower Mainland with stores in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, and Richmond

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Not to go all BP, but it's not just Apple. Try pricing a HP miniVGA-> VGA, or HP displayport -> HDMI adaptor - they're about the same price.

CablesToGo has the same Mini-Display to DVI adapter from Sharkfu's first Apple link for about $10 cheaper.

That's what I use plus an HDMI cable and a headphone to RCA cable. But the total price would still be over OP's budget.
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Do you have a playstation 3? If so, you can download nullriver for I think $20 and stream your stuff through the ps3 to the tv.
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Response by poster: Nope, no PS3. The reason I sort of want to do this is to get a DVD player hooked up to the TV. It looks like I've got an answer. Thanks.
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