Women's suits in Los Angeles or San Francisco?
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Best place to buy women's suits in Los Angeles or San Francisco?

My girlfriend is looking to buy suits but is running into trouble finding anywhere with a decent selection. She needs simple, professional suits suitable for a lawyer. She does not want anything that seems too trendy or that has too much flair. Classic and/or conservative (but not old lady) is what we're shooting for.

Ideally, there will be somewhere that's the equivalent of a Men's Wearhouse, with a section devoted solely to suits and with a wide selection. She knows about Macy's, which is okay, but is hoping for more options. Anywhere in the greater San Francisco or Los Angeles area will work. Do you know of such a place?
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Has she considered: Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, JCrew? (All have locations in downtown SF). Not places devoted solely to suits but (oftentimes) with decent selections, especially if her definition of "suit" encompasses a jacket with complementary skirt or pants (vs. exactly matching).
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Response by poster: Sorry, but not looking for complementary outfits, these must be suits, as they'll be used in a professional setting. Nordstrom's has a shockingly small collection, and JCrew skews too young. Really looking for specific locations, rather than places that can be found in most malls. (If a particular Norstrom's is better than others, though, I'd be interested in knowing that).
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Ann Taylor
Banana Republic

I like J. Crew suits myself
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I'm a lawyer in San Jose who used to live in sf. I would say try macys and nordstrom, but I've had the best luck after searching and searching at macys.
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Nordstrom's has a shockingly small collection

If that's true, that is indeed shocking. Has she worked with a personal shopper? Both Nordstrom and Macy's have them, and they can pull stuff from all over the store that your girlfriend may not be finding.

Has she looked at Talbots? When I was working at a conservative law firm I bought some suits there. I liked that they often carry a variety of separates in the same suiting fabric, so I could buy a suit jacket with matching skirt AND pants (or sometimes pants and sheath dress) for mixing and matching options.

The giant warehouse o'suits female equivalent of a Men's Wearhouse, I don't know that it exists.
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She might try Bloomingdale's in SF. Theory is a good designer for modern but tasteful suits. There is a decent section of the Contemporary floor devoted to Theory. If she wants something a bit more mature, she might try down a level to St, John's or Elie Tahari. But hooo, those are pricey!

I seem to recall that the Bloomie's in LA has a fair showing of Theory as well.
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Also, let me ask an LA friend who is a SERIOUS shopper. Will post again when I hear back!
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Best answer: Club Monaco has very nice suits.

I'd hit the department stores and Loehmanns at the Beverly Center. Probably your best bet selection wise.

There is always Brooks Brothers, but I like my suits more fitted however your girlfriend might skew a little more conservative suit wise than me.

Ann Taylor is also the old stand by, but I also find the suits there a little boxy, however that works for many people's body type.

I've never heard of a female equivalent of the Mens Wearhouse and I've unfortunately had to do a lot of suit shopping. The big department stores are really the closest equivalent.
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Best answer: Reporting back. My clotheshorse friend came back, surprisingly, with SF - not LA - recs (although she did live here for 10 years so perhaps it's not so surprising):

"Depends on style... try Blu, Cielo and Erica Tanov on Fillmore."

I can't claim to have personal shopping knowledge of those stores (although I've seen them) but my friend does have an amazing eye for beautiful, well-made clothing (actually, she used to be a fashion designer in NY) so I wanted to pass this along.
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The blog Corporette will be a great resource for her -- it's aimed at women who work in business formal environments. Includes a lot of where to buy info. Http://www.corporate.com.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. She'll check out Brooks Brothers and the places recommended by Hapax's friend.
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Damn autocorrect. Corporette.com.
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