Verizon: "God can't hear you, Mr. Plarfegan."
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Droid Eris stopped sending/receiving picture messages, now sends/receives infuriating one-photo slideshows. How might one change it back?

A few weeks ago it just changed. Instead of a thumbnail of the picture, you see the thumbnail with a "play" icon-- a white, sideways triangle-- obscuring the whole thing. It's like someone welded a cage around my head.

Please help make this nightmare stop!
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I noticed the same thing on mine after upgrading to the latest Android version. Not positive that's it but I haven't messed with any settings.

If you aren't able to get the answer here MeMail me. I might just happen to work for Verizon Wireless and I might have worked in Quality Assurance dealing with this exact type of situation at one time... I might be able to reach out to one of my old contacts...
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I noticed this when I went from a G1 running 2.1 to a Slide running 2.2. I think it's a new "feature."
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I believe this is a feature of the built-in Messages application. It is just how Messages treats MMS messages. Try dowloading Handcent (or any one of a number of other messaging applications). Handcent does not do this.
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