Where to find African eggplant (bitterball, kittely)?
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Looking for fresh African eggplant (bitterball, kittely) in the Boston area. I've tried Russo's in Waltham, but I haven't found it there. Would actually prefer the dried form, which I expect could be ordered online if I could just find someone who carries it. Any West African cooks or lovers of African food out there who can help me out?
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Haven't seen fresh or dried African eggplant, but kalyx.com has eggplant powder. Would that work?
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This will only be marginally helpful, but it's also known as gboma, and the scientific name is Solanum macrocarpum. I'm actually surprised that I'm having such a hard time finding some online! Have you tried emailing or calling an African market to see if they have some? They might have more stuff in stock than they carry online.
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Best answer: Waltham has a large Ugandan population, and I know two popular markets are African Market at the top of Moody and Cruz Market on Felton. Cruz is 2 blocks from me, so I'll pop in and check tomorrow. Tropical Market in Roxbury is another possibility.
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Oops, Solanum macrocarpon...
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Sorry, I completely forgot to post back. Cruz doesn't have them and African Market appears to close relatively early, so I missed them.
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Response by poster: @Cat Pie Hurts: Thanks so much for the suggestions! I've tried African Market, no luck. I didn't know about Cruz. I walk up that way every week with my grandbabies. I'll have to visit, even though you've already tried there for the bitterball. Also didn't know about Tropical Market. Hey -- we ought to meet up in Waltham. I'm there once a week till my daughter moves away at the end of the month. Which I guess makes this week the last week I'll be there regularly. Yikes.

@garnetgirl: I will try the eggplant powder. It could be what I'm looking for.

@shrabster: Scientific names are helpful (though not so much in food stores). Thanks!
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