Help me wrangle Wordpress categories
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How can I make posts show up as full text instead of summary in category links?

I’m working on a website and running into a problem. I want users to be able to click on a category link (e.g., and then see all the posts categorized there -- but I want them to see the complete post, rather than a preview. How do I change this setting?? It seems like something that should be obvious, but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!
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When I've run into that kind of thing on themes it's been a quick fix to edit the theme and say to show the full post instead of the excerpt. Here's where it gets wonky for you though, is a blog using WordPress MU, so if you edit the theme you're not editing the theme on your blog, you're editing the theme on all of the blogs (if I'm remembering how they explained things right).

I might be remembering wrong, but this is a question that would gt an answer pretty quickly on their fora. This thread makes me think that you're going to have to pick between your current theme and having the entire post on the category page.
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If you can't find an easily configurable something-or-other on the Dashboard, it may be that you'd need to edit the PHP templates for your theme to make it do what you want. Unfortunately, I don't think that's possible with blogs hosted at

(More specifically I believe the issue is that The Loop is calling the_excerpt() on archive pages, and you want it to call the_content() instead. If it turns out that you can edit themes, I can try to explain more.)
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danb and theichibun are exactly right - you need to edit your archives.php (or loop.php, depending on the version of WordPress) - which doesn't let you do.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the info! Do you know if there's a way to search for themes based on this feature - or can anyone recommend a (simple, clean-looking) theme that does what I want?
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Hi hansbrough -- I'm not really up on the specifics of themes, unfortunately. Does your blog come with a bunch of themes already installed? Maybe you can open Dashboard > Appearance > Themes in one browser tab and in another, and flip through them quickly that way?
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WordPress also lets you preview the theme. The preview is basically fully functional. Not a great choice, but it sure does beat waiting for the thing to load.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone!
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