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what are good work safe photo blogs that work well on ancient browsers (so light on the ajax/flash/2.0 sort of stuff)?

i'm looking for all topics, but would be especially interested in things that aren't newsfilter or national geographic type. although, mention those if you think they're stellar. the big picture is already on the blog roll.
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Brian Ferry is good - - his stuff is usually thematic and travel centric, but I like the sort of dreamy feel to it.
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Shorpy is excellent, and doesn't use lightboxes or anything. It's high quality scans of really old (mostly b&w) pictures from the Library of Congress. Lots of streets and buildings and stuff, so it may fall under your "national geographic type," but it's one of my favorite websites ever.
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daily dose of imagery
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jnrussell: Thanks for the Shorpy tip. It's really an NPR of photo blogs. Great pictures and you learn something to boot. Thanks.
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Well, there's mine. Full disclosure on this, it's mine.

Just so I don't look like a dick though, I've always thought that Tom Kaszuba's stuff was pretty good.
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I like APOD (astronomy picture of the day). Of course, today's isn't the most awesome picture I've seen on that site, but still educational.
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Scouting NY, the photo blog of a film location scout, is interesting.
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Here is another one :
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