Twitter "who to follow" make it stop
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How do I make Twitter stop telling me who to follow?

Twitter has a feature that tells you "who to follow". It is under the following/followers/listed bar. Is there a way to turn it off? It has started to drive me crazy.
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Best answer: use a twitter client like tweetdeck, twhirl or hootsuite, and not the web site, and you'll never see it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, micawber! I always wondered what tweetdeck was. You solved my problem!
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Best answer: You can't turn it off on the website. Twitter death in 5...4 ....3... I heard some fun gossip about twitter, they hired an HR person who doesn't know coding from baking and has never used twitter herself. This will end well.

Standalone clients and other web interfaces don't show this. For web: Brizzly (has picnic!), for standalone tweetdeck.
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drats, too late. ;)
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I'm waiting for Twitter to tell me who to follow. I guess they're rolling this feature out gradually.
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Response by poster: lukemeister, this might help.

I follow just two people: Chad Ochocinico and Glenn Greenwald (Yes, I said this in another thread. Yes I am pleased with myself for coming up with this combination). Although Ochocinco has way more followers than the other guy, Twitter tells me all my recommendations come from Greenwald (It's also pretty obvious). So maybe it depends on who is in your feed? Add Greenwald and see what happens?
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Best answer: I use yoono as a collapsible sidebar on my browser; it's my favorite thing for keeping up on twitter and facebook. And i don't see any recommendations on who to follow.
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dabitch - why would their HR person need to know coding? at my tech jobs, the tech interviews were handled by the department and the paperwork/job history/salary type of interview was done by HR.
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nadawi, of course HR doesn't need to know coding, it it however a bit worrying that they can't tell the difference between twitter and a ford. Or a bran muffin for that matter. Seriously, shouldn't they at least have a clue?
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Now Twitter is suddenly giving me suggestions. Thanks for pulling strings, vincele :-)
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Interesting, twitter doesn't bother telling me anything nor does it allow others to "ReTweet" me automatically
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Response by poster: For anyone interested, I figured out how to make it stop. I went to "suggestions for you" and clicked "hide" next to each suggestion. Now no suggestions show up on my twitter page.
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Here's a rundown on various browsers and how to make that suggestions box vanish in them.
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