Does today's Che Twitter?
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Are there insurgents you can follow on Twitter? In the digital age, many guerrilla groups (revolutionary, separatist or otherwise) have their own websites to publicize their causes. Do they use social media like twitter? And, how would I go about looking for them? (It's an academic question, I'm not making any plans...)
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Well, not a guerrilla group, but the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have a Facebook clone and Hezbollah have a TV network. You might have luck asking about this at Small Wars Journal or Abu Muqawama.
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I don't know about Twitter, but used to host all sorts of videos put out by insurgents. Look for "Islamic Army in Iraq" to get started.

The Taliban's website (or what appears to be the Taliban's website) is hosted out of Houston and is here. Not true social media, but they do update people on their side of things.

Al Qaida's most website I'm aware of is the As Sahab Foundation for Media Production blog. They've pulled the Google Ads since the last time I was there (and they've stopped updating), but you can find many of the propaganda videos they made on Google Video.
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You can't find them, but they will find a way to find you and the rest of the MSM to get their activities known. That's how it works. They don't plug their wares on a daily basis. Busy schedules, etc. etc.
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Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) has a Facebook page created by fans and publishes stories but it doesn't look like he's on Twitter.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of National Council of Resistance of Iran, twitters.

Many revolutionaries, rebels and activists use social media, but I think guerrilla fighters would face some security and logistical challenges to doing so and might rely on supporters to occupy that space.

Just imagine: Che G. in La Higuera, Bolivia: became the mayor of Yuro ravine.
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