Online TV for a Deaf Person from Spain (or me)
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Where can I find TV and Movies from Spain with Spanish subtitles? I'd like to be aware of current pop-culture in Spain as well improve my Spanish-language skills. I've found quite a few interesting programs on the various Spanish TV channel websites; however, none of them have subtitles. Ideally, I'd like to find some interesting and relatively current TV shows from Spain with subtitles in Spanish.

If the situation were reversed and I wanted to learn English, I could easily go to and sort by popularity and watch whatever show with closed-captioning. I am struggling to find something similar for Spain.

Just to clarify: I am interested in Spanish from Spain specifically.

For the sake of this question, assume that country-specific IP-restrictions are not an issue.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I have read through the various similar questions I have found including:
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Sorry, just to clarify - you want Euro Spanish tv/movies with spoken Spanish as well as Spanish subs?
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Response by poster: ---- you want Euro Spanish tv/movies with spoken Spanish as well as Spanish subs?

Yes! Ideally recent and popular. And you stated it way more succinct than I did. :)
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I've noticed (on DVDs) that often the spoken Spanish does not totally match up to the subbed Spanish. If you really want to use stuff like this for language learning, it would be better (IMAO) to watch something with which you are already extremely familiar in English, with Spanish subtitles turned on. I taught myself Catalan while watching the Simpsons in this fashion.

As for current tv shows, the only one I can think of offhand is Un Paso Adelante, which is the Spanish version of Fame. I'm pretty sure it's already had its series finale, though. I moved back to the US in 2005 so I am not totally sure.
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Here is a great Spanish website where you can watch many different types of shows, all of which are of Spanish origin (and thus have the style of Spanish you are looking for).

You can also search for Los Simpsons and watch it in Spanish on YouTube. If you know of any particular shows you like, they may be on YouTube as well. I have watched Sortilegio, Azul Tequila, Camaleones and many others there.
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