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PowerpointN00Bfilter: How do I use the graphing functions in PP and Excel to simply display 2 columns showing two different values of x% of something?


I want to have two bars, side by side. The one on the left is 79% blue, with the top 21% red, representing the 79% of people who like doughnuts.

The column on the right is 59% blue, with the top 41% red, representing the 59% of people who like lettuce.

I can not figure out the formatting. Once I get that down, the colors are no issue (I have a visual brain for software, and I can figure out how to change the colors). This is driving me MAD! And, no, I am not doing a presentation on the merits of doughnuts v. lettuce (although, now that I think about it, I wish I was!). And, if it is any help, I am using Office 2008 on a Mac.

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Best answer: For PowerPoint, I have the 2004 version (Mac) so I don't know if it's the same for 2008 but when I click on the little graph icon (on rollover: Insert Chart) in the toolbar at the top, PP opens up another application, Graph, and plops in a generic looking chart. On the Graph menu, there's an option for Chart; pulldown on that and you'll see Chart Type. The one you want is an option there.

In Excel (again 2004 version so YMMV), click on the little graph icon and the Chart Wizard opens up. Click on the graph you want and get walked through the creation process.

I hope that helps/works for the 2008 versions!
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Response by poster: Yes!

You have saved me. The part I was missing was the "graphs" tab within Excel. I have it now! Thanks!!
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