drug test - male vs. female
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is i possible to tell in a drug test if it is from a male or female?
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Gender cannot be tested either. As with age, there is a rumor that gender can be detected in urine, and is tested in medical insurance exams. It's another myth. It may be argued that a pregnancy test can be used to detect the gender of the urine provider, but the same test is used to detect prostate cancer in males.
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If the drug test were a blood test, then of course you could also test for gender.

Even if you can't directly test urine for gender, I would imagine that if you analyzed the urine to death you could get some clues. For example, a woman's urine may contain trace amounts of menstrual blood.
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How would you know the blood was menstrual and not blood from a male with some other condition that causes bloody urine?
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The white cells in the blood would be xx, not xy.
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I used to work in a lab, though not as a tech. Did we check urine for sex as part of a drug test? No.

Could we have figured it out using the resources available to us? Almost certainly.

Urine samples aren't generally pure (less so in women than in men), so the likelihood of sloughed cells that could be checked would be pretty good.

Plus, urine exhibits various chemical levels like the HCG used for pregnancy testing that naturally vary between women and men, any one of those might not be an iron clad indicator, but a few of them taken together would get you a pretty high statistical likelihood.
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Besides XX vs XY blood cells, menstrual blood isn't just blood, it's mostly uterine lining. I don't think there are many conditions that would cause a man's urine to containe uterine lining.
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On CSI (which is obviously an authoritative source!) they caught a guy using a fake sample because it was full of estrogen or progestin, I don't remember which. I think the deal was that women on the pill have all kinds of extra hormones leaking out of everywhere.
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Interesting name.
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The answer is no, they can't tell sex from a DRUG screen of urine.
Or did you have some further scenario specialk420?
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Or blood for that matter....not if they are only testing for drugs.
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Menstrul blood is also a completely different consistency, closer to mucus than blood.
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It's likely that the urine analysis is performed at a medical clinic. Although it is scientifically feasible to determine gender from a urine sample, you should consider the legal ramifications. Clinics operate under HIPAA regulations, and lab technicians are by no means allowed to do experiments that violate patient confidentiality. So if you don't sign a paper stating that they're allowed to check for your gender, then they won't be able to.. and if they do it, the results can't be used against you.
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alex, they could probably make a case for falsifying the test... presuming that specialk420 is asking why I think s/he's asking.
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Urine is not tested to screen for prostate cancer. That's a myth.

I can think of several ways to test urine to reveal the donor's gender, but they'd all be rather expensive. I don't know if any of them are employed. I do know that commercial drug-test labs employ a variety of measures to make sure you're giving real urine.
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a belated thanks - it was a false alarm ...and believe it or not, i was checking for a friend.

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