Modern day Sassy cover girls?
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What "cool" girl role models (like Zoey Deschanel) would grace the cover of Sassy magazine, if it still existed?

I was having a conversation with an old friend about a lack of "cool" girl role models for teenager girls. Girls that would be in the pages of Sassy magazine, if it existed today. OR Jane Magazine (but only the early years of Jane, before it became another Glamour knockoff).

All we could come up with was Zoey Deschanel. What do you guys think?
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Are you familiar with Bust magazine? It's basically the inheritor of the Sassy role in magazines, though targeted at a slightly older audience.

Off the top of my head:

Tina Fey
Ellen Page
Beth Ditto
Karen O
Lily Allen
Diablo Cody
Lady Gaga
Alia Shawkat
Kristen Bell when she was on Veronica Mars
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Oh, and here's Bust's website. Seriously, if you loved Sassy, you should be reading Bust.

More cool girls:

Sarah Silverman
Sarah Haskell
Aubrey Plaza
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I'd like to think that Sassy, these days, would still skew a wee bit quirky and include folks like, say, Molly Lewis and Marian Call.
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I believe it's Zooey Deschanel. What about her sister Emily?

For the younger teenage girls, people like Selena Gomez.
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Chloe Sevigny
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Probably whoever is on the cover of Bust this month. Bust is modeled almost directly as a followup to Sassy.
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Are you looking for girls who are actually teens now? What about someone like Dakota Fanning? Abigail Breslin? They are serious actresses, as opposed to manufactured pop stars, and that seems cooler. Ellen Page is in her early 20s, she's someone I would have worshipped as a teen.

If you want to go not-TV-famous-but-super-cool-and-quirky (like Chloe Sevigny was when she was the Sassy "it girl"), I'd say Tavi Gevinson
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Also, can I clarify - you're not looking for a replacement for Sassy girls in your more grownup life, right? You're looking for Sassy girls for today's teens, which makes Bust (which is awesome) not quite what you're looking for.
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FWIW, Chloe Sevigny was an intern at Sassy and was not in any way a celebrity/actor/well known person in her own right at the time.

Which actually does make her an apt comparison to Tavi Gevinson.

Dear Tavi,

Please don't grow up to be an actress. And if you absolutely must, just remember: avoid Vincent Gallo at all costs.
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Right, Sara C., that's exactly what I was trying to say. Chloe:1990s = Tavi:2010s
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Response by poster: actually, I'm in my late 20s but we were lamenting the lack of a certain type of girl, but you guys seem to have nailed it! Keep em coming!

I'll have to check out Bust. I've heard of it but I always assumed it was more serious and less on the humorous side, like Sassy and Jane often were.

And what about that girl from the new movie "Easy A" -- the one that was in Superbad.
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Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces.
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Interestingly, Tavi recently put up a post titled "sanctuary" that looked like a list of girly sources of inspiration/admiration. They're largely 80s and 90s movie and TV characters.
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Ooh, maybe Amy Winfrey? She's in her 30s, but her work like Making Fiends would be known to and likely loved by teen girls. She's also got that whole "chick doing a creative thing you usually hear about dudes doing" thing that Sassy loved.
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Sarah Polley
Amy Poehler
Rashida Jones
Emma Stone
Natalie Portman
Laura Linney
Cate Blanchett
Rachel Weisz
Christina Hendricks
Jenna Fisher
Kari Byron
Emily Mortimer
Diane Keaton
Kathryn Bigelow
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Janelle Monáe
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I don't know anything about these magazines so I might be off, but here are some musical suggestions:

Regina Spektor
Esperanza Spalding
Jenny Lewis
Imogen Heap
Sara Bareilles
Kaki King

Come on, at least Regina and Esperanza, right??
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What about Emily Blunt?
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ooh! i love this question. as a former sassy reader, i'd have to say:

Regina Spektor
Florence (of Florence and the Machine)
Kathleen Hanna
Lady Gaga
Gillian Welch
Cat Power

Diablo Cody
Kristen Wiig
Tina Fey
Amy Sedaris

Mary Louise Parker
Maggie Gyllenhal
Tilda Swinton
Laura Linney

Miranda July
Carolita Johnson
Lynda Barry
Marjane Satrapi
Alison Bechdel
Tacita Dean
Gillian Wearing

these are off the top of my head. the list, happily, goes on...
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Janelle Monáe times 1,000.
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I think it's ok that lots of these women are in their 20s and even early 30s - the Sassy editors were in their 20s and had lots of "alternative" pop culture that were more liked by 20somethings than teens. Which was one of the awesome things about it - it didn't talk down to teenagers, and understood that lots of high school girls were more interested in that stuff than teenybopper shit. When they did cover teenybopper shit (I still remember their hilarious profile of Tiffani Amber Thiessen) they did so in a snarky, smart way. I really doubt they would have been excited about Selena Gomez.

Re: Bust. It's not as goofy or fun as Sassy was, for sure. But I still think it's a reasonable facsimile and certainly worth checking out.
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Michelle Williams (the actress)
Anna Paquin

I still miss Sassy!
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I really like Tavi. She's 20 years my junior but is a total legend, I feel. Also agreeing with the Ellen Page mention, and I think that today's Sassy would include more eFamous people - for instance, YouTubers like Julia Nunes and various fashion bloggers.
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Sloane Crossley
Elizabeth from Allo Darlin
definitely Christina Hendricks/Tavi/Beth Ditto - I love Tavi's explorations of riot grrl
Gabourey Sidibe
Kate Harding

Alexa Chung is seen as a 'style icon' in lots of magazines over here (UK) but I don't think she'd quite fit. I also wondered about Portia De Rossi, but she might be a bit mainstream. We had Just Seventeen in the 90s which from the looks of things tried to emulate Sassy a bit and had a lot of grunge pin-ups.
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What about Felicia Day? She was in Dr. Horrible and writes/produces/stars in The Guild.
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nthing Tavi Gevinson.
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Olivia Wilde, not so much for the being pretty in movies as for the awesome volunteer/ non-profit stuff she does.
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Bust is modeled almost directly as a followup to Sassy.

Bust predates Sassy's demise by 3 years or so.
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