Who cares about the coffee, the view is GREAT!
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Which cafe in Sydney has the best view?

I am looking to branch out to different cafes, and it's be nice on a great day to go have a coffee whilst taking in a great view. Does anyone know of any laid back cafes with good views? Doesn't have to be amazing harbour views (like Cafe Sydney, or Ripples), can also be just of a nice park etc. Anywhere within 45 mins drive of the CBD is fine with me.

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Sugar Room in Pyrmont is a hidden gem with water views. There's another cafe next to it as well, don't know its name though.
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There's a tiny take-away coffee bar on Cremorne Wharf. You could buy a coffee and then walk 20m to the foreshore park. You don't get much better a harbour view than that -- the Bridge, the Opera House, it's all laid out before you. I used to live down near there and it's such a relaxing place.

There's cafes in the Botanical Gardens and Centennial Park with nice green views.
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At the top of the NSW Supreme Court on Macquarie St there's a cafe/canteen which has amazing views across the Eastern Suburbs. If you don't mind going through a metal detector and sharing your lunch with the silks.

Get a takeaway coffee from outside Fisher Library and do nothing for an hour on the front lawns of Sydney University. That's where the students bludge---take your cues from the experts.

And when the weather's good and I have time on a weekend I like to run out my motorbike up the Old Pacific Highway. There's a place at the top of the hill after you cross the Hawkesbury River called the "Road Warriors Cafe" that sells milkshakes and hamburgers to cyclists and motorcyclists---the views at the place itself aren't so great but it's the getting there that's breathtaking.
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There's a cafe or two in the row of shops by the park next to Bronte Beach which are nice on a good day, although there's a road full of buses between you & the park/beach.

Also, another overlooking Clovelly Beach - I think it's attached to the lifesaving club.

Upstairs at some place partially up the hill at the south end of Bondi, there's a great balcony with views, but when I was there the service was T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E - as you'd expect if you hire attractive backpackers for their looks, but they've never served tables & have been up on drugs all night.

In the Inner West, opposite Camperdown Oval (on the side towards Salisbury Rd) is a cute little place for weekend brunch - especially if there's a football or cricket game on in the oval.

And Cafe Ism on Wilson St, Newtown is opposite a cute park, surrounded by very stately Victorian terraces.

The finger wharves along the foreshore in Pyrmont have a few nice cafes - either in the nooks between the wharves, or occasionally out on the wharves themselves. There's one right by the dance studios, which is quite arty & full of beautiful people.

And further west along the Pyrmont foreshore, there's the latest little piece of park that's been opened to the public - an old CSR refinery or something, with a foreshore cafe nearby, plus another one built into the actual park amenities.

And what mefite could go past the Portobello Cafe, next to the Guinness & Oyster bar right up beneath the Toaster? (in front of the Opera House)

On preview: I stopped just the other weekend at a hilltop place on the old Pacific Highway, only it was just on the Sydney side of the Hawkesbury.
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Oh, Sugar Room (Sugaroom) is the one on the old CSR Refinery site...makes perfect sense now.
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Cafe Morso on Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont has a nice view of the bridge and the Balmain penninsula.
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Fort Denison's got a nice café. I think you can only get to it on a scheduled trip (which is what I did), but it does have a nice café!
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