What to do with the honeycomb in my honey jar?
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What do you do with your honeycomb (from jars)?

So, I just bought some really great honey, and it's got a piece of honeycomb in it. Usually I don't get honeycomb, and I'm kinda at a loss about what to do with it.

The chunk of honeycomb I got in my last batch was fished out and the honey was painstakingly extracted by means of a spoon and lots of squishing. There has to be a better way. I've seen quite a few recipes on the site for using honey, but nothing so far for using honeycomb or extracting the honey from it.

I read elsewhere that you can filter the honey through a cheesecloth to avoid consuming a bunch of beeswax. Is that as straightforward as it sounds?

So, mefi, what do you do? Any other cool tricks or ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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I eat it. I sort of chew it like gum and spit out the wads wax once I've extracted the honey.
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That. As far as I know, you're supposed to put it in your mouth and suck the honey out from it. It's very pleasant. This is what I was taught as a child (dad remembers this being a special treat growing up in Central/South America).

Now I'm craving it, thanks ;]
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You are supposed to eat it! It's very sweet and a little waxy, but it's especially good on a sandwich with peanut butter. Lucky you! I wish I had some :)

I've never spit it out, that's nutty. You can eat the whole thing!
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I eat it, too. It's tasty! Just be aware that if you eat -too much- comb that you may, uh, experience digestive issues.
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You can also chew it up and spit it out the way rtha does it. After you do that, melt the wax down in a pan and burn off the excess spittle to make your own beeswax candle.
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I always thought it was there for chewing on - it's like nature's wax lips.
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A lot of people seem to find the idea of eating an animal product like beeswax gross. Remember—we're natural creatures, too! Just eat it. It's delicious.
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You should leave the comb in the jar of honey and as you use up the honey, the honey that is in the comb will come out by itself and drip down into the honey that is left in the jar. As to what to do with the honey comb afterwards, we used to chew on it and spit it out as kids.
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Yes, exactly, chew it up & spit it out -- honeycomb's like organic wax lips. If you're really hard core you could collect the excess and try melting it down, for candles.
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As Cat Pie Hurts says, you can eat it. If you make some toast and spread some honey on, you will want to break up a bit of the comb as well and spread/crush it onto the toast. It is sweet and tasty. This is a favorite.
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Hell yes, you eat that sucker. It's delicious!
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"A lot of people seem to find the idea of eating an animal product like beeswax gross."

and where, exactly, do those people think honey comes from????
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Ate it, it was delicious. Thanks all. :)
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