Where can I stream old Simpsons episodes?
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Is there a good place to stream episodes of The Simpsons?

25 yr old here, who grew up during the show's glory years and is feeling pretty nostalgic today. I tried this site http://wtso.net/

but it's a pain -- sends you off to take bogus quizzes before starting an episode. Anyone know of a place like South Park Studios but for The Simpsons? Hoping to revel in some season 4-8 magic.
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Looks like this may work for you - I tried two episodes. Adjust URL for other seasons.


When I absolutely positively need to see something (and surfthechannel is no help), I just search for the show's name and add the word "megavideo". Usually something pops up.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks y'all.
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Hulu works if you're in the US. And rumour has it it can outside, too. However, the episodes up are more current.
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This site has many classic episodes from seasons 1-5:

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