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Where can I lookup the future earnings reports date of a given company by ticker.

I have found a couple of sites, for instance businessweek and yahoo. However both of these sites return data from previous earnings reports not future ones.

Bonus points if the website has an API I can use.
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Nevermind found a site, but I will leave it here for anyone else in need who finds this thread.
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Yahoo Finance has a page called "Company Events" for each company. If there is an earnings release scheduled it should be posted there.
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If you checked out my link you would see that the Yahoo data is incomplete, for instance here's the Yahoo page for Goog with no future earnings date, however on they have the date. I use yahoo finance, and yql for a ton of stuff, but this appears to be a gap in their coverage.
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just in case you come back to look at this - if you are looking more than a quarter out (i.e. not for companies reporting June or July end quarters) the data can be pretty unreliable. No one really knows until the company issues a press release.
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Thanks JPD,

My dates only need to be up to date about a week out, and will be updated daily (now), so hopefully that won't be an issue.

I will make sure they get updated daily though rather than just entered once, because some dates may be in the system for several months, and change as the day approaches.
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