Magic business suite for artists: share your spells
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Asking-for-my-girlfriend: What are some good tools (project management, CRM, accounting) for an artist starting a business selling printed textiles on Etsy?

She prints fabric and makes a variety of home goods, and sells them all on Etsy, as well as some other web/brick-and-mortar stores. Starting out, she didn't have need much organization, but as things have grown, she's found a need for some structure.

I've looked at a handful of CRM tools (Highrise, Capsule, Salesforce), but I'm curious what other small business people on the green have used to organize contacts, supplies, finances, etc. Is there a magic combination?
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The forums on etsy have info and downloads of excel spreadsheets to help track etsy sales. I use one, slightly modified to fit my style.
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