How to get Aeron chairs fixed on-site?
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We have six Herman Miller Aeron chairs in varying states of disrepair in our office. Some need new parts and a couple don't tilt or raise properly, etc. Some were bought new and some were bought secondhand, and everything I've found online says to take them to a dealer, which I'd like to avoid (hassle, having no chairs for a while, etc). I'd like someone to come over and diagnose them and replace parts and/or fix them on-site (I'm in Manhattan). Anybody know a service that does this?
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I'm sure YMMV, but when my Aeron needed repair, I called the local dealer and they sent someone out to repair it. They asked me to take photos of the damage and I emailed them to the rep, along with a description of the damage. They ordered replacement parts, then sent out their repair guy, who fixed it. All free of charge, since mine was within warranty. A friend who had an out-of-warranty chair that needed repair also got his repairs done on-site, but had to pay for it.
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Check with an OLDer office supply salesman who sells/sold Herman Miller. They are walking encyclopedias and Herman Miller is so respected and built to last...they are sure to have a suggestion.
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Best answer: @Joh, thanks for the tip. This place is sending somebody over on Monday morning to do the "inspection." They'll also determine what's under warranty and what's not, etc.
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