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I'm looking for scenes in movies / TV shows where the characters are singing whilst driving.

Examples are Tom Cruise singing Free Falling in Jerry Maguire and Annette Benning singing Don't Rain on my Parade in American Beauty. No limits on situation, type of singing, genre, both TV and Movie are fine. Youtube links would be a bonus.
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The opening scene in Office Space.
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Way better link (and title) here.
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Dumb and Dumber - Mockingbird
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Step Brothers - Sweet Child O' Mine
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This is one of my favorite scenes ever, from the movie Wet Hot American Summer.
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The Long, Long Trailer.
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The opening scene of Breaking Bad, season 3 episode 2 - Walt sings "Horse With No Name" by America while driving down the highway.
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Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (Hold On For One More Day).

The Blind Side (Bust a Move).
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(to the tune of the Flintstones theme)

"Simpson! Homer Simpson!
He's the greatest guy in history!
From the town of Springfield
He's about to hit a chestnut tree!
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White Chicks - A Thousand Miles
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Bad White Chicks link - should be
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There's several in Jackie Brown
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Annette Bening in American Beauty - "Don't Rain on My Psrade"
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Ack, sorry, didn't rtfq.
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I can't find a clip, but I always thought John Mahoney singing Steely Dan's "Rikki Don't Lose that Number" in Say Anything was hilarious.
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Pushing Daisies -- "Birdhouse in Your Soul" (singing starts at about 42s).
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Season Three of Breaking Bad has several episodes that show Walt singing along to the radio as he drives.
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National Lampoon's Vacation - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

(and again, starting at 9:00) - Mockingbird
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Hair - Good Morning Starshine
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John Mahoney sings "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" (badly) in Say Anything.
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Andy Williams singing "Almost There" to Sandra Dee in "I'd Rather Be Rich" (1964). Also starred Maurice Chevalier, Robert Goulet, Hermione Gingold and Rip Taylor.

Elvis Presley and Shelly Fabares singing Spring Fever in Girl Happy (1965). Cropped and wide screen versions.

Does it have to be a car? Here's Elvis again singin' and flyin' a copter. These are from Paradise, Hawaiin Style (1966).
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The first one that came to my mind was Bruce Willis singing Flowers on the Wall in Pulp Fiction. A brief moment of calm before all hell breaks loose. (Again.)
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I'm not finding it with a quick YouTube search, but Michael Sheen sings "What's New, Pussycat" while driving in The Damned United.
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The opening scene of the horror movie Urban Legend has Natasha Gregson Wagner singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as an axe murderer lurks in the backseat. ("Turn around/Bright eyes"... kinda funny.)
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Also, not driving, but Julianne Moore and Tom Cruise are sitting in their cars singing to Aimee Mann's "Wise Up" in the movie Magnolia.
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"Christmas Vacation," they sing Deck the Halls....well, half of it.
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the film of the same name (.... and Ace Ventura 2)
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there's Practical Magic. A couple times, first with Nicole Kidman and the cool sunset scene, and then the creepy guy.
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Paul LeMat and Jason Robards in Melvin and Howard.

(Jason Robards looking weirdly John Entwistlesque)
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There's a very brief scene in The Big Lebowski that features Bunny driving whilst singing "Viva Las Vegas."
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In s04e03 of Dexter there's a plotline where Dexter isn't allowed to drive because of a concussion and he is tortured by Rita singing Karma Chameleon to the baby while they give him a ride. (There's also a hilarious callback later in that episode where she says "Are you ready to go? I've got the best of Bananarama!" and he glumly mutters, "It's a cruel summer.")
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Evolution - Play That Funky Music
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Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle:
Harses Harses Harses Harses
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Road Trip. Can't find a link, though.
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The Sure Thing has many scenes with a couple singing show tunes (to the horror of the main character).
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Didn't anyone say The Twilight Zone yet? Because, damn, The Twilight Zone.

Wanna see something *really* scary?
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Silence of the Lambs - the Congresswoman's daughter is driving home singing "American Girl" by Tom Petty & Heartbreakers.

I can't hear that song and not think of that scene.
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Family Guy "The Rose" One of the prettiest versions, too.

I also cannot hear that Petty song without thinking of Silence of the Lambs. Even more: I have to beat on the steering wheel at the exact same place and echo the line she echoes, "Make it last all night." I am compelled to.
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Kevin Spacey sings "American Woman" in American Beauty, if I remember correctly.
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Scary Movie 2
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Men in Black - Tommy Lee Jones sings Elvis' "Promised Land" while driving on the ceiling of the Brooklyn Battery tunnel

Click - a guy pulls up next to Adam Sandler belting out Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend"

Chappelle Show (Vimeo) - Mos Def raps "Close Edge" in Dave Chappelle's car

Hot Tub Time Machine - Lou leaves his hastily garaged car running while singing "Home Sweet Home"
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Just remembered another. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 3, episode 8, Lovers Walk. The episode closes with Spike roaring off into the sunset (or maybe just the bright sun?) singing "My Way" at the top of his lungs. Truly hilarious.
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The Heartbreak Kid
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Pushing Daisies - Birdhouse in Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)
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The opening credits of That 70s Show, which changed from the first season, when the gang sang along with Alex Chilton's In the Street, to the second and subsequent seasons, when they refilmed it using a Cheap Trick version of the song.

I'd be amazed if TV Tropes hasn't thoroughly parsed the driving-and-singing cliche, but I didn't see anything.
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Summer Holiday!

Terrible movie, terrible artist but hey... singing while driving a London double-decker bus? Peerless.
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In Bandits, Cate Blanchett is driving, crying & singing along to Total Eclipse of the Heart. It's awesome, but I can't find a link for it.
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The Greatest Video Ever
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