I need to see some great whites!
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Where can I watch Shark Week in New York City? I'm desperate.

So, Shark Week begins tomorrow, and I'm currently staying with friends who don't get Discovery Channel. But I've seen at least half of every Shark Week since I was in middle school, and I can't miss it! I figure it is enough of a cultural event that there has to be a bar or restaurant showing it at some point this week... but where? I've tried google and got no results, just a lot of links about watching online... which I might be into, but part of the fun of Shark Week is watching it socially, and also my laptop screen is really messed up and I have to watch videos in the bottom left corner.

I would also be interested in bars/restaurants that may be open to changing the channel, if you know of one.

I'm staying in the Village but willing to travel.

I am 100% serious and desperate. I'm flying back to Atlanta/cable on Thursday so I'll be able to catch the last few days at least, but I really really really want to be able to see the beginning.
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I'd suggest finding a bar that doesn't have a game on (it's baseball season, so... yeah) or a game time on a chalkboard or window sign, and just go in and ask if they'll change the channel for you.

If you go to Drop Off Service on Ave. A (between 13th and 14th streets, I believe?) at a quiet time, you may have luck there. They're not a particularly sporty place, and aside from the fact that happy hour gets crowded, the scene is relaxed enough that people would probably be into it.

Bar recommendation made simply because Drop Off Service is my favorite Village-ish bar for hanging out and being a non-jock. People bring their dogs, there are a ton of great beers on tap, and the vibe is decidedly un "bro". I'm sure there are plenty of other bars that would turn on Shark Week for you.
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Do you have any friends that can TIVO/DVR it? You will have to wait to watch it, but you can see the whole thing.
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You might have better luck in Williamsburg or Greenpoint or the like, places where the bars trend more toward people who like Shark Week geekery.
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Response by poster: I'm really hoping to find a bar that is actively hosting a party or showing it already, since I'm not 21 and won't be drinking... my concern being that they might not be glad to change the channel for me if I'm not really a great customer. I will definitely buy sodas and snacks, but I'm too broke to keep spending just to keep the bartenders happy. My friends in Atlanta have Tivo though and I will probably ask them to record it for me, and we can catch up next week if necessary.
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Best answer: It's relatively unlikely that you will just happen upon a bar hosting a Shark Week party. Even in Brooklyn. We're nerdy, but we're not that nerdy.

Searching a site like The Skint might turn something up, though, you never know. I know The Knitting Factory was throwing LOST viewing parties up through the season finale, though that was more of a major cultural event than Shark Week tends to be around here.

Additionally, any bar hosting a viewing party will likely have a bouncer out front checking ID's - you cannot officially get into a bar here in New York if you are underage. Events held at bars are generally not All Ages.

You'd do better to go into an uncrowded bar* on a weekday afternoon, order a soda, tip well, and ask them to change the channel. It's not like it costs the bar anything to pick up a remote and hit a few buttons.

I hate to advise you to drink underage, but in a bar suchlike what I've described, chances are you wouldn't be carded anyway.

*And, again, someplace that is not actively showing a sporting event or advertising its intent to do so in the next few hours.
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Have you looked at a Time Out NY?
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Response by poster: Huh, I didn't know you couldn't go in bars underage here. I'm probably going to end up just asking someone to change the channel. I haven't checked Time Out yet but I'm headed out the door so I'll grab one while I'm out. Thanks!
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Best answer: Oh, and if you really want to win brownie points with a bartender despite your intent not to drink alcohol, order a pizza or other shareable takeout to be delivered to the bar and share it with said bartender*. If you go with my recommendation of Drop Off Service, you could always show up with an entire Spinach & Artichoke pie from Artichoke Pizza around the block. Fantastic pizza, universally adored, and there's usually a long line. Other folks in the bar will definitely eat it, and then you can make your own Shark Week Party.

*Obviously this only works in bars that don't serve food. If food is served, just keep ordering apps and you'll be just as good a customer as if you were ordering rounds of drinks.
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Best answer: I don't know the name of this place, but there's a deli restaurant in Queens that was playing Shark Week on the TV the whole time we were there. I think it's near either pizza, Flushing, or the airport. Or all three.
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One time not in NYC, we were in the VIP section of a bar and changed all the TVs to Shark Week. Then we got the idea to cross the street to a sports bar named "Sharkeys" and requested that they change one of their televisions to Discovery Channel. They refused, and we kept asking (sharks are, after all, their namesake), until finally we threatened to leave and take our business with us. It worked! I think we left shortly thereafter but it's a good strategy if you've got a big group and slow business.

So, um, I guess this is my advice.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice! I'll ask around about the place in Queens, and if push comes to shove I will just belligerently throw my money around and demand my sharks.
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