Minidiscs falling out of drawer
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Sony minidiscs fall out of sideways/vertical disk loader? Any fix?

I have a bunch of old home movies on minidisc. I cannot get the minidisk to stay in the loading drawer, which is vertical/sideways on my computer. Is there a solution? Thanks.
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Can you run the computer on it's side so the discs stay horizontal? This won't hurt anything in the computer unless there's a fan vent that gets blocked.
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Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but...
Have you put them in the right way round? - Sony, (in their infinite wisdom), having accustomed us to the way floppy disks are insertd into floppy drives - shiny-bit first, decided to change the way MD's insert - they're inserted "sideways" compared to how floppies insert
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Jeez, 6550, you are a genius. Seriously. And thank you too, Dub.
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